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Thursday, 26 September 2013

life update

Everybody loves a crappy webcam picture right?! 

We've nearly finished my first week back at uni as a third year and my goodness is it scary. For starters, student finance? Have you ever received a compliment? No, of course not. Because you like to leave me over £400 down this term and I need to pay for my (average amount) monthly rent. I know most people struggle with student finance and it's a normal thing not to be able to pay your rent (never mind living costs) in London and expensive places but I live in SOMERSET. It's not an expensive area! How do they expect me to live when I do a art course? If anyone does an art course you will know first hand as to how expensive it is. It's ridiculous, we have to pay for all our materials (of course), millions of sketchbooks, glue sticks and every process we use. It's understandable but it costs hundreds and hundreds to do. Like for example our end of year show is usually in London at the Free Range but we have to fight to get it this year and it's not looking good. I had a go (nicely, of course) at the Plymouth student union rep today at the fresher's fair and came away with pub golf tickets and a hoody (along with my snazzy top above, for free with my hoody! yay).

So those with lovely large student loans and grants, enjoy spending it and think of me when you do! Lucky girls.

While I'm at it, am I the only one that didn't realize pub golf has nothing to do with golf?! I thought we were going to have to dress up! Literally can't believe I didn't know. It's a pub crawl, why didn't they just say that!

Hope everybody's settled back into uni - I've got my first load of washing and a mountain of washing up. How does it accumulate so quickly?! hopefully I'll post some outfit pictures soon, it's just my room is so dark and I'm terrible with a tripod. 

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