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Sunday, 1 September 2013

24082013 Outfit Post ft Topshop & ASOS

I cannot wait to wear these with converse and a baggy top. Or heels. I wore this to work one day and it was so comfy. And I didn't have to worry about short skirts and sitting on the floor fitting shoes. I used to always want to buy trousers but they never ever fitted me right but times are changing and these fit like a dream. They're from ASOS and they're now super cheap in the sale, much cheaper than I bought them but worth it. Also they're a perfect length especially on my 5'8 figure, nothing worse than ankle swingers. The top is Topshop and the shoes are my favourites. They're from Next a good four years ago and they've lasted forever and I really wish they'd live forever. (fully aware I'm talking about my shoes like a person, don't you worry)

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