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Sunday, 15 September 2013

16092013 Outfit Post ft Topshop, New Look and Primark

 Shirt: New Look, Cardigan: Primark, Leather Look Leggings: Topshop

Yes, I have that Primark cardigan bear coat. It's so warm! I bought it in a 14 because I wanted it slightly over sized and quite frankly it was that or an 18 and I'm too lazy to venture to the next town again. So over sized it is. And yes, it's that shirt again. It's so easy to wear, really need to get another one- anyone seen any about? Surprisingly good quality for New Look especially after the amount of times I've worn/washed it. I really must stand better in these pictures, you can easily tell my hips don't lie. Wonky legs for life. 

Just wore this too work and it was super comfy and easy to sit on the floor to fit the little darling's shoes. I get head butted/kicked on a daily occurrence now. It must be in the job title. Oh how I love working, I must admit every morning I do the whole "Mummm don't make me go to work, I want to go back to bed" routine but I still enjoy it. Especially boot season. "Why yes madam these ankle boots are a bargain at £205.00". (they're Gant, duh ££££££) I so want to treat myself to some knee length boots, purely because I get so god damn cold. I'm such a cold person it's unreal. Not that I need to treat myself, should really be focusing on saving for the poorer months at uni, but I want those boots a little bit more...


  1. Love love love this outfit and I really want to get that cardigan. I always go oversized with knitwear :) xx


  2. Love your outfit and all the different ways you're styling this shirt!
    I am also a freezing cold person.. and it's only September! :( xx