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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Moroccan Oil

Recently Amazing Hair sent me this sample to try out. I've had a smaller sample before which was lovely but not enough to test it to it's full potential. This is however, like everyone says is amazing. As you all know I've got bleached hair and although my purple hair dye is conditioning and as a vegetable dye won't damage my hair it still needs some tlc. I use a spray on my hair when it's wet as a detangler. It's a mixture of aussie miracle spray, john frieda's rescue repair serum and water. I use it in a spray bottle purely so I don't use too much and weigh my fine hair down. Recently it's been really hard to work with, I think the sunshine in Greece dried it out!

 I started using a teeny tiny blob of this on my hair when it's damp instead of the spray and it's worked wonders! It's so shiny and manageable. I can run my tangle teezer straight through it without it knotting up. Another use is after having my hair up and taking it down it is extremely dry and poofy. And when I say poofy, I mean poofy. It's almost an alfro. A tiny blob of this smoothed through and it's almost back to normal. I can then tie it up or plait it and you'd never know the extend of my bleached dry afro. 

I'd happily buy the full size of this, although I think this will last me a very, very long time. Thank you Amazing Hair!

I'd recommend checking them out, right now Moroccan Oil is on offer.