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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

life update

I thought I'd do a little life update as I've seen quite a few of these posts floating around the internet and figured it was my turn.

I've just got back from my holiday in Greece with my family. It was lovely. So nice to relax around the pool all day and forget about life. I ate the most delicious meals and drank far, far too many milkshakes. (Including bailey's milkshake, I've been bangin' on about these for years; so,so good.)
I've got a nice tan and generally feel a whole lot better. My lovely purple/lilac hair stripped with the chlorine and I'm left with a tint on my roots! lovely. However the blonde is all sun kissed and suits me so much more. I don't think I can fight the urge to dye it. 
It was a fantastic holiday and although a little strange with my younger sister Lol (Lauren) not being there as she's off in Africa for a month it was certainly a good time. 

It's my twentieth birthday tomorrow, feels so strange saying that. I'm going to be a grown up... I'm off to Brighton with my family (minus Lol) for the day and hoping to meet up with an old friend whose just moved there. Any places I should check out? I'm hoping the weather is going to be nice - dreading the day where I have to wear tights! I haven't since April after that disastrous accident with a curb- my knee STILL hasn't healed!? it's been four months. It's not on.

Life also feels a little strange at the moment, I'll be back at work in a couple of days for some normality although I am dreading it as it's back to school. Such a nightmare, bad enough working in retail during the summer let alone with snobby parents. And then it's boot season, my favourite. Me and my boyfriend of four years have broken up, not entirely my decision but it's what has happened. I'm a little lost and although it's ended before I would of liked it to we've had a lovely four years. And I really do wish him the best. 

I'm also back at uni in September, it's my final year and well I'm not looking forward to it. I've had a iffy year (great word!, describes it beautifully) and now things are on the mend but I'm really not inspired. I have to complete my summer project and I just don't seem to care about it. I'm not one of those types where like they see a potato or something completely stupid and are "SO INSPIRED" and then they whack out a brilliant project. - why isn't this me? Every now and then I find something that I love but it's so hard to translate it into something worth looking at. Could you please send some motivation this way? anybody else in the same position? 

So how did you feel about this me me me me me style post? would you be interested in reading the same sort of thing again? or would happily let me shut up and deal with it!? 


  1. I'm sorry to hear about you parting from your boyfriend, I know exactly how it feels for something to be over before you want it to be. Maybe you'll have a bit of good luck headed your way soon though, I have my fingers crossed for you!
    I really enjoyed reading this, and I'm sure it felt good to get some of it off your chest. I'd love to read another snippet into your life in the future :)

    Hazzie xo

  2. Yes, there is a certain wave of 'life' posts emerging at the moment but I think it's really nice to have a further insight into the person behind the blog's life :) So thanks for sharing!

    Sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend, hopefully a trip to Brighton and your birthday will help to cheer you up for now :) Brighton is one of my favourite places- I'd definitely visit Beyond Retro and the iconic Lanes for shopping, although there are tons of independent stores I loved but can't remember the names of! Just potter around and you'll find some right little treasure troves. Hope you enjoy :)

    Daisy x

  3. I love 'life' posts because I'm real nosey haha! Sorry about you and your boyfriend (HIS LOSS) but I hope today is brilliant....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Make sure you treat yourself in the gorgeous little vintage shops (and blog all about it!) Have a fabulous day!! xxxx

  4. Omg, Greece sounds amazing, I would love to visit someday! That sounds like a good way to part ways, though. And now you can have some time to yourself and think about what YOU want! Happy 20th! xx