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Sunday, 25 August 2013

25082013 Outfit Post ft Zara

This is my new skirt from Zara that I got for my birthday, it's tartan and it's love. This outfit reminds me of the nineties style but with a fun twist of the chiffon layer underneath. It's so comfy and also looks great with bare legs! I wore it to Brighton on my birthday with gold gladiators and another black top and I think it worked just as well. Today started off so miserable didn't it? I wore a jumper and a leather jacket on my journey to work! And tights, eugh. I haven't worn them for over four months after my mishap with the curb and I'm sick of them falling down already. On another note, must get some thermal ones and thermal leggings, I feel the cold so easily and I can't wait to be all snug and warm. I found a coat I like but the sleeves are polyurethane and I'm not so sure on that. Saying that my Topshop faux leather jacket has lasted so well and has softened, so maybe! Bring on pay day.  


  1. Love your tartan Zara skirt! X

  2. Amazing skirt!
    I'm loving Zara at the moment.
    Love your style.


  3. Lovely outfit! I love anything with a 90s vibe xo
    Lydia Rose

  4. i seriously need that skirt.

    love your blog. im a new follower! xxx


  5. that skirt is perfect, loving tartan at the moment

    Julia x

  6. Oooh, I love this skirt! And the way you've styled it :-) You look lovely!
    Sam xx