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Sunday, 4 August 2013

04082013 Outfit Post Zara Dress

dress: zara sale, boots: oasis

hiya, today I went up to London to go to the pure34 trade show. It's open to students but my boss got me a ticket through work and I wore a 'trainee buyer' badge for the day, felt so cool haha. This dress I picked up in the Zara sale for £9.99, cheap and so easy to wear. As you can see I live in black, It suits me and goes with my wardrobe. This jersey dress is lovely to wear too, it's gathered around the waist which is perfect for me as it glides over my hips and doesn't draw attention to them. It was really comfy to wear all day especially using the tubes. The little bit of sheer paneling and the racer back (very in for next year too- thanks to a wgsn seminar) is a nice touch too. 

The day was great, went up so early and then spent a few hours at pure whilst my my mum mooched around the shops. We then went out for lunch in kensington and did a little bit more shopping. On that note, I'm so terrible at buying for summer, especially now the a/w is being introduced into the store. Zara are perfect as always and I've seen a coat I like but its £99.99 and I feel that's a little expensive for someone who really doesn't like to wear coats but likes the look of them. Which is a stupid really as I'm such a cold person, the amount of layers I can get on is impressive. They had that gorgeous white one earlier in the year which was in black too which is perfect but I didn't manage to get it. My cousin got it and it looked fab. So Zara please bring it out again, pretty please. 

My hair is fading pretty fast, I already want to dye it and it's been 3 washes boo. Not sure how it's going to work next week in greece with all the heat and chlorine? what do all you brightly coloured hair ladies do?


  1. Loving the dress!
    I love a Zara sale.


  2. Zara is one of my favourite ever shops! Love this little dress :) awesome style, new follower :) x


  3. Haha.. I'm also pretty useless at buying for summer. Every attempt at summer clothes I might find it's like 'And you know what would look REALLY great with this? Tights, boots and layers.' Autumn all the way..

    Love this outfit.