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Sunday, 7 July 2013

topshop & asos wishlist

topshop & asos wishlist

topshop & asos wishlist by marthajones featuring glitter cosmetics

these have all been on my wishlist for a while, I love the Topshop Blouse and the Arabel boots. I remember being 15 or so and seeing the Jeffrey Cambells online, took me months to track down the brand as they were just a random picture. I wanted them in black & dark green and then as always, they became popular. These Arabel 2 boots however are a nice alternative. The skirt would look lovely with either denim shorts or leggings. I really want it!

All of the asos items have been on my wishlist for months. As I've only just started back at work and I'm not sure how many hours I've got I can only hope... Or my birthday is coming up so if anyone wants to spoil me I'm not complaining! (reeeeally want the hold ups)

what's on your wishlist?
summer items?

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