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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lusting: neon converse

(Purchase from bank fashion)

These neon converse are in the sale at the moment for £35.00 and I'm so tempted. My favourite red pair have gone to shreds and I literally can't contemplate wearing them anymore. I really want to repurchase the red pair, but it seems silly when I don't own another colour? 
I feel this is a good excuse to buy two pairs so I can alternate them rather than wear one pair to death. I live in my blazers, converse and boots (well havianas at the moment, bloody boiling!) 
I'm a huge neon fan, I have a neon shirt that I loooove. It's starting to break not but you can see it here in this post when I first started my blog! & also check out my hair if you're a new follower, so different! 

I miss my dark long hair, especially when it was coloured blue. It's so strange seeing it like that compared to what it is now, I definitely prefer the dark natural brown against my skin tone but I'm enjoying the change. Saying that I'm running out of inspiration for short hair, I don't particularly like using heat because of the damage that would occur but I need a change! SO tempted to dye it a pastel colour! 

Right, back to the converse, will someone please buy them for me? 
pretty please?

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  1. Great post! These look good!

    I am a new follower!


    Brittany, xx