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Friday, 12 July 2013

Outfit post monochrome & red lipstick

Top: River Island, Dress: H&M, Boots: Oasis (similar), Bag: Ri2k, Necklace: eBay

Decided to try out some pictures outside today as my bedroom is still in decoration mode! I quite like them but it was a bit too sunny. The top is from River Island and is a long sleeved crop top that I wore in this post. The dress I also wore in this post and it's from h&m and cost like £7.99 or something. I quite like this outfit especially as it was perfect for the slightly chillier morning we had today. I didn't actually wear the boots but they looked so much nicer than my havianas! My knees are not in the best shape at the moment to be wearing heels! Plus it's way to hot.

 Isn't this weather lovely? It's so glorious for Britain! Hope you've all been spending some time out in the sunshine and been eating your dinner outside! I didn't have anything to do today apart from walk to the sorting office to pick up my uni results that I wasn't in for. Don't you just hate the red slips? Immediately annoy me!

I tried filming myself today, considering doing youtube videos- what do you think? I don't sound like me though! I sound really posh when I'm not, maybe it's my phone voice?
So weird talking to a camera, can't get the hang of it!

Now I'm off to do some baking!



  1. Love this outfit, that necklace is amazing!

    Julia x

  2. Such a pretty outfit! Love the pop of color on the bag x


  3. Love your outfit!
    Very pretty, love the layering


  4. Cute outfit and your setting is so pretty!

    xx Jasmine