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Sunday, 14 July 2013

make up of the day

So this last picture of my face, HAVE YOU SEEN MY SKIN?! it looks amazing, well for me anyway. My pores are smaller, it looks softer and brighter. Fab-tastic. Yeah I just said fab-tastic. This was taken when my skin was actually looking nicer than it is right now and the lighting was a great angle so you can't see my lumpy forehead! (from acne, not just random lumps or a dodgy skull don't you worry) I've got Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum on in this, just one application buffed into my skin but this time with a primer underneath. I've gone all fancy on you, check me out. I got it from the Body Shop and I had meant to pick up a luminizing one (I love a good luminizing product) but accidentally picked up this one instead. It's called 'Skin Primer Moisturize It' and you get 25ml for £12.00 which is a bit more than I'd be willing to pay for something I know absolutely nothing about but I got it on offer. I probably should of picked up the matte version but my skin doesn't really like extra products as it's extremely sensitive but also oily. This feels like PVA glue on your skin. Quite disconcerting at first and then it felt like it was heating up? I imagine this is just my skin reacting but it wasn't the tiniest bit unbearable and most likely from my skin being extra sensitive from the antibiotic products I'm using. It then dries quite smoothly, you can feel it on your skin which is odd but make I apply too much? anyway after buffing in foundation it looks incredible. And you can't actually feel it anymore than you'd feel your normal foundation on your skin. It also doesn't feel heavy which is a bonus. The moisturizing properties I can't really comment on. It feels lovely and soft with the foundation on top but I can't really tell. 

Now onto the Soap and Glory 'Glow it all out' I've reviewed this here: It's such a good excuse for a blusher. It adds a tiny bit of colour and loads of shimmer. Perfect for those scared about blusher like me. 

The lipstick is just a Rimmel one, it's called Firecracker and it's really creamy. I have used lipcoate on top of this and you can see it has rubbed off a bit but it's a lovely colour. Quite summery for me and it matches a favourite dress of mine. Nice colour and would dent your bank balance.

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