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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Favourite Lipsticks

(Ignore the smudged swatch please, it stained my arm so I couldn't be bothered to redo it, naughty I know. )

These lipsticks are my favourites, I've got a nice mixture of higher end and high street lipsticks. The first is a green lipstick by Barry M, it reacts with the alkali in your lips to make a pink colour. It makes a deep fushia colour on my lips and lasts for hours. Trust me you won't be able to get it off. 

The second pink I have is Nars Schiap. Oh my. This is the most beautiful lipstick ever, high pigmentation and a gorgeous formula. It also smells lovely. It lasts very well and I'd happily pay £17.50 or whatever it was again. Worth it.

The next is one I bought earlier this year from ASOS. Daniel Sandler knows how to make luxurious lipstick. It's divine and the perfect orange red matte lip colour. It's on offer at Essentual at the moment so go and get it. 

MAC's Ruby Woo. Now I've heard you're either a ruby woo girl or a russian red. This was to replace a favourite lord & berry that sadly left me. I took ages hunting it down until I found this, almost exactly the same. It's a lovely formula, smells like vanilla and is super matte. Perfect.

Lord & Berry's cupid vogue is a much deeper red. It's got a slight blue tint to it which helps make your teeth look whiter. It's perfect for the winter months but it's not too dark that you couldn't get away with wearing it in summer. 

Revlon's Grape is such a beautiful colour, only problem is that it's sheer. Boooo. I'm definitely a matte girl.

Topshop's Ruthless is very, very dark. It's almost black. I've been told I have a 'goth face' so I can pull it off - only joking, it's so hard. But when I'm having a grungey wintery day it's a little bit of fun. The halloween kind of fun. 

If I was to purchase any of these again I would without question. I don't want it to be true but my favourites really are the higher end ones such as MAC, NARS and Daniel Sandlers. Such good quality, I'm sorry bank balance. 

& also head down to essentual as they have 20% off everything till the 26th of July. I'm so sad that my pay day is after!

What's your favourite lipstick?



  1. i really love the look of the daniel sander one!!

    Sophie| fashionslave.co.uk

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