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Thursday, 25 July 2013

25072013 Outfit Post

Top: Glamorous via ASOS, Dress: H&M (old) Bag: RI2K, Shoes: Tkmaxx Sunglasses: H&M, Belt: f21

You might of guessed by now but I love to layer my clothing. It wasn't as warm as it has been today (-on my day off as well! Grr) so I figured I could wear my new crop top from Glamorous that I bought the other day, it's only £13.50. It's made of spandex and the sheer stripes are like tights material. It's not very well made but it will do the job nicely. Another stripey piece to add to my collection! 
It was perfect under this old H&M dress that's clearly too small and short for all 5'8 of me. But I like it. I figured the long sleeves kind of counteracted it...
The top is a litttttlle tight and almost feels like it's pinching my underarms! I got a size 8 so I'm sure a 10 would of been better. Whoops.

I did set up a askfm account if anyone fancies asking me anything! 


  1. love this outfit, the striped top is gorgeous, shame about the quality!

  2. Love your layering!
    Looks great, love it.


  3. Lovely outfit, that dress is adorable♥


  4. I love this look! super duper cute! I bought this dress years ago and it is still a firm staple in my wardrobe :)