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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

16072013 outfit post

(I think I O'd it on the blur on photoshop in this background...clearly got carried away)

sneaky mirror shot!

I wore this outfit today just without the boots. Despite this glorious weather, I'm craving wearing my jeans and boots, I just want to get them all out of the cupboard! I know Helen & Josie agree with me that we can't wait for all the Autumn/ Winter collections to come out, especially Zara. I'm getting excited thinking about all the berry colours; knits, leather, boots and coats. Somebody give me another job? 

Talking of which, I'm not sure I want to work all day tomorrow. I've had four days off in a row, something I'm not used to with work but I'm loving it. Being able to actually get out in the sunshine instead of touching children's smelly feet. The whole of Henley seem to be after shoes we don't stock or dreaded school shoes. But of course the little darling's feet don't smell, nor is it their fault when they kick me in the face... 

I got this skirt from a charity shop back in somerset, it's really comfy and I did contemplate cutting it short but the girls at uni convinced me and I've come around to the idea. It's just your average floral midi skirt with some pleating around the waist which makes it 'poof' out a bit and glide over my hips nicely. 
I'm wearing some boots that I cut down from knee length from Red Herring, my trusty Ri2k bag and a plain bandeau top from H&M.

Is anyone else running out of ideas of what to wear in this heat? I don't own many summer clothes, only enough for the odd hot day and holidays! I can hardly go sauntering around work in a bikini can I? (I wish, no air con in the shop or the stock rooms = Izzie in a mess) 
Fancy leaving me any ideas beneath?

on another note, I've reached 140 followers! I'm so happy! What an achievement for little old me. Thank you so much for reading & following! I really appreciate it. Is their anything you'd love to see more of?

hope everyone's out in the sunshine! and stocking up on ice cream. I've literally eaten my weight in white chocolate magnums recently- heaven. 


  1. YES roll on A/W collections! As long as the weather doesn't get too freezing like it was though haha. Glad you kept the skirt a midi, it's so lovely! My work's the same, on a basement floor with no air con and we have to wear jeans it's so out of order! xxx

  2. Love your outfit!
    Super cute.


  3. That skirt is so pretty, and I love your hairstyle!

    Julia x