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Friday, 28 June 2013

Topshop Crochet Vest Top & a Sneaky Cat

 (note my chubby cheeks- when did I have so much!?)

annnnnd cheek bones! (i'm so going to print this picture out)

Couldn't leave Moo out of the photos when he joined in on my photo shoot/ quick snaps against the emptiest wall. He loved it. Bit camera shy though, he only poses for special occasions. Now you all know I'm a mad cat lady, or if you follow me on twitter or instagram you'll know this already and are probably sick to death of all my tweets and cat pictures. Soz guyz. (go on, give me a follow, you know you want to...)

I got this top in the Topshop sale and I'm very glad I did. It's comfy even though I got two sizes below the one I'd normally get - weird. But it's also quite flattering and hangs at a nice length. I probably could of paired it better than my old Gap jeans but I didn't want an all black outfit, for once in my life -I know! The boots are a firm favourite from Zara too - they've gone into the sale and I wish I could buy them in the most beautiful blue too but they are quite high. Too high for everyday use and I need an insole in them to make them fit too. I'm waiting for Scott to come back from Glastonbury and go out with me so I'm not too tall. No instead of the mad tall lanky lady we will be the bfg couple. Only slimmer. He's 6'2 and I'm just under 5'8 normally so we're gonna stand out whatever trevor.

My bra's really annoying me in this, you can see the straps but I suppose I could go braless- no one would ever know. Unless they lifted up my top but I hope that this won't happen, ever. My mouth is also weirdly pale, THIS is why I need to wear lipstick, and I promise you I AM SMILING. Just not loads as my sister said I look silly when I do and need to be a grumpy model.


  1. LOVE THIS OUTFIT! I saw a top like that in H&M and really wanted it for my holiday, never owned anything crochet. love it paired with the jeans, and those shoes oooooo they is niiiiiice x

    1. Haha thanks! :) Crochet is so comfy! xx

  2. such a lovely outfit and i love the cat pics! adorable.

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin

  3. aww what a cute cat and your outfit is lovely xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

  4. Love your outfit.. And Moo.. And your blog in general!



  5. SO jealous of your height! And your shoes. And hello Moo (best name everrrr!) xxx

  6. I really like your style! And awwwwh kitty <3

    Greta xoxo

  7. Replies
    1. they are so lovely aren't they! shame they aren't a little lower!