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Saturday, 15 June 2013

product empties

So if you have been following my blog recently you'll have noticed I'm now blonde. It's had a lot of bleach and gradually bleaching using the two bleach sprays above. I personally think the Sun In works better (read as: ruins your hair quicker) but the John Frieda one smells nicer. The Sun In spray also lasts longer. I love the conditioning treatment that comes with L'Oreal hair dyes, it's so thick and luxurious but actually doesn't weigh down my hair which is wonderful. Smells good too. Can you buy it separately? The Dove Conditioner was actually from the poundshop and I found out I like it the least out of the collection. The volume boosting makes my hair really fluffy and I much prefer the colour one (smells like parma violets, you can't go wrong) but this one smells like fizzers. You know the sweets you used to get in that little cylinder wrapper? those. Love the smell, hate the volume.

Clinique's take the day off make up remover is amazing. It removed benefit's there real. There I've said it, the most annoying mascara ever (i'm not even exaggerating) to take off and this little beauty did it with no problem at all. That said, I don't like the film feeling it left on my skin, I'm not big on my skincare and half the time I'm too lazy to wash my face after which is a silly point, but it doesn't feel clean. I'd buy it if I bought Benefit's mascara again, which I won't be for a while to give my skin a break after removing it gentle/rubbing my skin raw. And the £16.00 price is a bit much for a make up remover for me, I could buy a Nars lipstick and be a happy bunny. The Garnier make up remover has no faults (the application onto a cotton pad is a tad messy, but then again so am I which is more likely the reason behind my mess) it's fragrance free and doesn't irritate my skin one tiny bit. Cheap too, £2.99 and buy one get one free at boots at the moment. Removes waterproof mascara too! 
The Nivea moisturizer is nice, smells like cucumber which in my view is not ideal. Not too greasy and didn't make my acne prone skin any worse. Wasn't as moisturizing as I would of liked but I am rather picky. They discontinued my favourite nivea visage young and I used to pick it up in France but no, they broke my heart twice. TWICE. It was perfect let me tell you. This one is also a nice niffy price at £3.99 and it's often always on offer, I'd buy it again and it fits in my make up bag nicely as it isn't bulky in the slightest. 

I'll start by saying these aren't the first time I've bought all four of these products, the L'Oreal, Lancomé and Lipcote I've bought over 4 times. The Clinique I've had before at least once too, I'd buy all four of these products in a heartbeat. They all do there job brilliantly and I don't have any qualms with them. The Lancomé mascara is the best, (had to be the most expensive one out of the collection, didn't it!) and at £22.00 it is certainly a luxury. I have bought it twice in kits with make up remover and eyeliner for £21.50 before too which is a bargain! And I bought it recently in the kit for £12.00. I couldn't say no at that price. Next up is the L'Oreal one, it's got a plastic brush - my favourite and creates really good definition. The lipcote is a life saver, keeps my lipstick in tact pretty much all day, even with food, drink and the occasional kiss. However one point, buy the vanilla gold one instead, doesn't burn as much. (pain is beauty, pain is beauty...) If you are a big lipstick lover like me, it's a must have. Don't take no for an answer. 

So there you have my round up of empty products, most of them I'd buy over and over again so it's a good selection! do people read these posts? I didn't want it to get too repetitive especially if it's all over the blogging network. 

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  1. Okay, that Garnier make-up remover is ridiculously cheap :O If I weren't already using one from Nivea, I would totally be dashing off to Boots to get me some of that.

    Love x
    Grow In Fashion