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Friday, 21 June 2013

Outfit Post 20062013

dress: h&m last year, hoody: topman, leggings: miss selfridge, boots: diy red herring, bag: 739051

Just a quick outfit post to show you what I wore the other day. I love this dress with the cut out shoulders/ cold shoulders but it's very short so I suppose it's a tunic to wear with leggings. The print is lovely too, not too bright and in your face which I like. The hoody is a topman one, I prefer it to most plain hoodies at the moment as it has the same coloured cords and a silver metal zip making it less obvious. I like the plain hoodies but I can't stand the white cords and zips, makes it look cheaper if you get my drift? and at £20.00 who can complain. It's lovely and soft too. The bag is one I designed myself. I'm selling them on etsy and if you follow the link you can see the ones for sale! This paisley one is my personal favourite so I've kept it for myself. I do requests too and am making a few for presents at the moment. 

I look strange without eyeliner and mascara in that last picture, younger. My skin is also awful at the moment, probably should go back to the doctors but none of the prescribed stuff works, bit fed up of my skin scarring! worlds slowest healing skin ever here. The lipstick is marilyn by daniel sandler which I did a review about here. It's so luxurious and one of my favourites. 

I only wore this outfit inside (added the shoes and bag just for all of you, haha) and my best friend came over to help me make cakes as my little sister passed her driving test! first time round as well, clever girl. Now my mum's put me back on her car insurance so I have to try and learn again, I don't know if I want to but I turn twenty soon and probably should make a move. Twenty sounds so old. Scary. 


  1. That dress/tunic is so pretty, love the colours!

    Julia x

    1. isn't it! thank you for the comment xx