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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

12062013 Outfit Post

Top: Topman Skirt: Charity shop

I got this skirt from a charity shop at home when I was out with my friend Devon having a catch up! I'm so glad I bought it, only £6.00 too! I can wear it as a dress as well as the elastic waistband fits me better there! I have to wear it with a belt but I think it adds some texture and colour. It's not like me to wear bright colours, especially on the bottom half but it's so comfy. It comes just above my ankles so you can see my anklets and sandals which is quite nice. I'd love it to go all the way to the bottom but my 5'8 figure doesn't like that! but it is nice at that length anyway. I want to wear this skirt on holiday with a bikini top as it's so lightweight and floaty! and loads of friendship bracelets as usual! 

I wore this outfit when I went out to dinner with the work girls, perfect and comfortable! 

I think I'm finally getting a slight colour to me! a couple of hours in the sun has probably not done anything but I need to get my rather pale skin ready for Greece in the summer. Or maybe I should just get on the fake tan! 

 I love the print too, paisley can look so effective. I'm going to work on my print in my final year of uni and I'm interested in buying photoshop, have any other bloggers used it? I probably don't want the whole creative suite as I don't see why I'd need it but if anyone wants to sway my ideas I'd appreciate it! I'd use it both for this blog and for my work constantly with university so it would be a good investment! art students comment below! 


  1. I love your skirt! Oh I wish it wasn't from a charity shop then I could buy it!!


  2. Lovely look! I love your skirt!

    Emma x

  3. That skirt is so pretty, love the print! I would definitely buy photoshop, I use it all the time! Especially for Uni when I do my final line ups for projects

    Julia x

  4. I love paisley so much! Also loving you as a blondie, suits you so much. I'm afraid I can't offer any advice on photoshop, biggest technophobe right here! xxx