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Sunday, 9 June 2013

09062013 Outfit Post ft Topshop Pinafore and Nike Blazers

Blouse: Primark Shorts: Topshop Pinafore Tights: Jasper Conran Shoes: Nike Blazers

I'm not sure how I feel about the right top picture, my face is doing something weird as usual. I'm actually wearing my topshop pinafore with the 'bib' bit tucked in and the straps done up in a bow. I quite like it like this and it helps when the top doesn't look so good with the bib bit! Is it a bib? I'm not even sure if you can call it that, some sort of top thingy. I love these tights that my mum bought me. I was always that kid with plain socks as the glitter always irritated my skin! the glitter on these tights is very, very fine. It doesn't irritate my skin in the slightest! You can't beat good quality tights. I've got my Nike Blazers on with this outfit, I'm not very good at the 'smart' look and I could well have worn my heeled boots but I chose comfort as usual! I love these shoes and literally wear them everyday! You can get them in the sale for £40.00 from JD Sports. I was my usual size 5 :)

I've been at home for the past week as we didn't have anything on at uni. It's been lovely to catch up with friends and I finally made it to a work meal! I had such a nice time, we went to Prezzo and I had gluten free pizza! I've never been so delighted! only £8.90 for a pepperoni pizza as well so it didn't break the bank. I also had lemon sorbet ice cream which was delicious with the perfect taste of both bitter and sweet lemon. It was a lovely evening and they all made me feel so good about the bags I made  for our university module! Talking of which I haven't actually uploaded any of the picture on here yet, something I must do! I've been catching up with things at home, sorting stuff out and generally taking some time off. I have no idea what to do for my dissertation yet, I've got a few ideas but nothing set in stone yet. What did other people do for their dissertations? Obviously mine is art based and I want to do a special project but I'm really stuck!

I love the last picture, I'm holding a rose that my boyfriend gave me in a bouquet of flowers that I dried. All together now: "Aww" haha anyway I really like that picture. And my hair looks good, bonus. 


  1. Love the colour of the top.


  2. Love your outfit!
    especially the sparkly tights.
    Now following you.


  3. Ugh isn't it great to catch up with friends so escape from this crazy ass world... Great post Love that outfit!


  4. Such a beautiful outfit babe :) x