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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

29052013 Outfit Post & Rimmel Apocalips & Benefit's They're Real

Dress: Topshop Petite Leggings: Miss Selfridge

The dress was my friends and she gave it to me, actually a size 10 petite which is why it's not exactly a dress on my 5'8 frame. It's quite tight too, it would be the perfect size if it wasn't for the tight sleeves and the shorter length! I love the style though, a collar and a skater dress style is very me

I'm not a big fan of the apocolips, my friends one is really nice and I loved this colour. I'm definitely a lipstick girl, I can't be without it and this is more of a lip gloss. I was convinced it was nice and I got it as part of a 3 for 2 offer a while back so I can't really complain. But, it's horrible. The colour is nice and there is enough pigmentation but it's also quite sheer. It moves and leaves lines after I move my mouth (only talking!) and I found it hard to get a good overall colour. I was so looking forward to liking this but I'm afraid it's just not me. Even after blotting, it dyed my hair after it of course got stuck to it and it's sticky. Ugh. I might give it to my sister if she wants it (want it Lol?) as I've only ever worn it to Morrison's and for this. Oh the exciting lifestyle I lead. If you love this colour and want a matte, pigmented colour but hate lip gloss I suggest you try the Rimmel Colour Show Off lipstick in Kiss Me, Pink Fame is also similar! I have both of these and I love them, not the biggest fan of the watermelon smell but I suppose that's my issue. They have gone down to £1.99 on Fragrance Direct, I'm so tempted to buy more! lovely matte lipstick!

Benefit's They're Real mascara is undoubtedly amazing. However I'm very, very particular about my mascara and although I do love it, I wouldn't buy it again. It's very drying once applied and I find it falls off in clumps, it's also the most HARDEST mascara to remove. Even waterproof mascara removers took a good go at getting this off. The volume and definition it produces is fab and I only wish there was a inbuilt clump remover in the tube! It's a great mascara but it's just too much effort for me. I'm glad I got it free with Elle magazine, did anyone else pick it up? Such a bargain. 

Apparently after reading these through i'm a tad picky as I am with food and everything else! Good products, just not for me! I'd happily recommend the mascara though! 

I've been so bored today, there is literally nothing to do in Taunton apart from go to Morrison's and call my mum for a 'i'm bored, entertain me' chat. I even got to listen to her empty the dishwasher and the cats crying in the background. My life is so exciting it amazes me! Saying that, tomorrow we have to go in to paint the studio alllll day. I don't even know why, when we became second years our studio spaces were a mess! and I don't own paint suitable clothes! Then on Friday we are going up to the Free Range Fashion show in Brick Lane in London as front of house for the third year's degree show. At least I don't have to be on model shoe duty, apparently it gets messy. Could be good, got to wear all black though which is easy peasy considering most my wardrobe is but it has to be smart... I don't do smart. 
And last of all is Sunday, the craft bloggers meet in Bristol! Is anyone else going? I'd love to know some names beforehand so I can recognize the faces and have a nosey stalk! Me and Ellen my flatmate are going, I can't wait.


  1. I think it is wonderful.

  2. Pretty outfit and makeup :)


  3. cute dress! have fun at your bloggers meet!

  4. This dress is absolutely lovely and really suits you! X

  5. Wow, you look so pretty! I love your dress! (:
    Nice blog!


  6. I love your blog, and your style, and this outfit! It's absolutely so cute!<3
    I'm following you now dear!

    With love,

  7. You look really lovely! I haven't felt the need to go and buy Apocalips, and what you have just said has definitely made me stick to my guns. Shame though, as the colour really suits you :-) x

  8. I have bunting just like this which I made from old magazines :) So sad to hear about Apocalips as I finally went and bought it today!!

    Jodie xo
    à la Jode

  9. I love your dress, it is so sweet! Gorgeous lip colour too x