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Sunday, 26 May 2013

26052013 Outfit Post

Top: Primark Dress: Zara (old) Belt: Grandad's 

Todays outfit was just a lot of layers! I feel I should of bought a smaller size in the top, it's a 14 which is a little oversized but I didn't want it skin tight. The belt's my grandads and I really like it especially as it was his. I don't actually own a single brown garment, the colour just looks AWFUL on me! I can't even do brown make-up, despite everyone saying I should because of my hair! which I now realise isn't the usual dark, dark brown! I'm officially a blonde! more of a strawberry blonde on top but blonde all the same! Sorry mum! I've got my white nail varnish back too! I'm 13 again with tippex looking nails! 

Not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow seeing as I don't have uni, any ideas? I want to do a few diys, so if anyone wants to kindly suggest some i'd love that! Can't wait to go home in three weeks time, home cooked food and I get to see my boyfriend! we're so bad at seeing each other it's like I have a different life away at uni. 

On tonight's agenda its CSI  Vegas meets New York and popcorn in bed! happy to spend it doing nothing after last night! Can't believe I paid £8 to get into a club, good night though. hoping to spend some in a pub with a glass of coke and summer evenings! 


  1. love the layering! i must start doing this as i always love the look of it

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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  2. love the layering! i bought the same top in primark. I think I bought a ten and it isnt skin tight just shorter and cropped more. I just bought a white nail varnish today and i am so obsessed xx

    1. ah maybe I should of bought it smaller! they never have my size! it looks amazing doesn't it! xo

  3. beautiful! i love the crop top - especially in combination with the jewellery!

    Check out my latest OOTD :-)