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Saturday, 25 May 2013

25052013 ASOS Dress

Dress: ASOS Hold Ups: H&M Boots: Oasis

First of all, happy birthday to my best friend Hannah! Quite sad I'm not in Nottingham to celebrate with you!
This dress is from the ASOS sale, only £21.00! It's really comfy and easy to wear. The material is soft but a warning - the gathered middle where it joins the top is awfully made. No Quality control there! The stripes are really dodgy around there but it's easily hidden with a belt! The hold ups are nylon with \ very think denier! Perfect for when it's a little colder. I hope they don't look too 'sexy' though, it's just another alternative to my cotton over the knee socks! The best thing about hold ups is when you go to the toilet on a night out you don't actually have to fiddle with your tights! maybe a bit too much information but they are fantastic when you're slightly intoxicated or just lazy like me. I've got my all time favourite boots on which clearly need a clean! I think I last worn them on a night out where we walked from my friends house to the club, no grass was involved so I'm not sure how they got that muddy!

Bought some new white nail varnish today as mine had dried up, good old tippex nails! I used to get teased about them when I was about thirteen but I love the look of white, matte nail varnish! what do you think? cool or hideous? 

we're going out tonight so celebrate handing in our last product yestuday! Finsihed at last. Although we have three weeks left of uni till we can go home/. Me and  Ellen are also going to the craft bloggers meet in Bristol on the 2nd of June! Paige and Sammy have created it and I'm so excited! Like a child. I'm a big fan of the arts and crafts and I've just finished all my make up bags and tote bags to sell as well. If anyone fancies checking them out I'll be uploading pictures soon or you can check out my instagram @739051  They are only £4.50 each or £5.50 with p&p and it will be going to a great cause, our end of year degree show ;)

hope the sunny weather lasts! 


  1. Love ya dress...I want! I love white nails as well, desperately need new white polish but I always forget xxx

    1. I just got a cheapy natural collection one! thanks lovely xo

  2. I love this dress! You can't go to wrong with a stripy dress x

  3. love the cold shoulder look! such a nice dress x