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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

14052013 Soap and Glory Luminizing Powder

Soap and Glory is not a brand I look at often, I cannot stand their bath and body items but after looking for something to add to my 3 for 2 a couple of months ago in Boots I picked this up. As you all probably know by now I'm a big fan of luminizing and highlighting products! Love a good shimmer! This is a light coral tinted shimmer which to me is quite a big thing. I don't do blusher, I don't know how to do blusher, it just doesn't work. But this, this works. Lightly applied of course. It really lights up my face, I have quite pale skin and I often find it looking rather dead, hence all the highlighting products. I have a pinky/red Nars multiple but I can't use that too often because of my acne scars on the tops of my cheek bones and hair line. It can be just one big red mess! (especially when I've spent far too much time trying to get a natural but concealed base!) This gives me a good glow and it's really build-able  Although I haven't braved blusher yet and I do seem to find myself trying to wipe some of it off but it's a good step for me, the ghost girl. At £11.00 I'm not sure I would of bought it unless it was the free on in 3 for 2 like I did. I do however use it regularly and I think it's worth the money but I don't think I would of plucked up the courage to buy it otherwise. Very glad I did! 

I've also added more blonde since this photo! slowly going blonder! any tips? I have awkwardly dark black eyebrows tooooo! 


  1. I didn't even know Soap and Glory did a make up range. I though they were just soap and cleansing products. It looks really good on you though.


  2. major hair envy right here ! you look lovely xo


  3. This looks so pretty and natural! As a ghost gal too I wanna try this now xxx

  4. This does look really pretty :) like you, I'd never look at Soap and Glorys cosmetic line but I chose their transparent powder and its just sooo good xx

    ❤ www.MissMakeupMagpie.co.uk ❤

  5. Oh lovely! I love illuminators too, I've got such pale skin that without anything I look dead! Had a big splurge on the 3 for 2 event too :) Have you tried cream blushers btw?

    Robyn viav xvintageisavirtue blog