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Monday, 1 April 2013

02042013 Money Supermarket Passion for Fashion 2

Casual wear outfit one

Topshop tall jeans Jamie £40.00
H M h m Hat, £7.99
H M h m Sunglasses, £4.99

Total: £164.98 I chose this outfit bearing in mind that spring SHOULD be around the corner! The lightweight blouse would be so lovely to wear with the jeans turned up with the Havaianas showing! I have them in gold and they are the most comfortable pair of flip flop's I've owned. And they don't make that irritating sound when you walk, always a bonus. The sunglasses are beautiful! I really want some.
Party wear

Topshop Dress: £46.00
Zara Bag: £33.00
River Island Wedges: £40.00
Topshop Lipstick in 'Saint' £10.00
Topshop Liquid Eyeliner in 'Trainspotter' £7.00

Total: £136.00 I love this dress, it reminds me of the one Bianca wore to a party in Ten Things I Hate About You. The shoes are great too, adding a bit of grunge to the look. I wanted the eyeliner and nude lipstick to create a 60's look with the make up to match the outfit. 

Holiday Wear
ASOS dress: £30.00
Topshop Sunglasses: £14.00
Havaianas: £27.99
O.P.I: £12.00
Hat: £15.00

 Total: £98.99 This outfit is one to shove on top of your bikini and walk about town in. The hat, sunglasses and midi style dress are perfect for covering up and being comfortable. The colours are light and summery - fab for wearing around the pool or out for a spot of lunch. I really want this outfit! It's so easy to recreate!

These are my interpretations of Money Supermarket's Passion for Fashion 2 competition! I chose items that I would wear and happily re-style to make the most of out it! The most expensive was my 
casual outfit and cheapest was the holiday wear. I mainly go for comfort and usually black so I tried to stay away from black as Summer is hopefully looming on us! 

Check this page to enter: http://www.moneysupermarket.com/passion-for-fashion-2/

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  1. your entry is definitely much better than mine! really love the sunglasses in the holiday outfit, might have to look into getting those! good luck! x