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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

06032013 Outfit Post

Dress: H&M Socks: H&M

Just a simple t-shirt dress today, one of my favourites. It has cut out sections on the shoulders and a gold zip down the back. I love the bright print on this, I'm not one to wear prints often but this one really stands out and I love the darker colours with a splash of red and lilac. It's very short on me, If I was going out in it I'd wear it with leggings although I have worn it on a night out with bare legs and shorts underneath! As you can see I've mastered the macro settings on my camera, but the distant outfit pictures? non. I'm a bit of a newbie still. Any tips?

 I've been busy with uni work recently and having such trouble sleeping. Some nights it's gone 5am till I've finally fallen to sleep,I really hate insomnia. I don't want to try sleeping tablets as they scare me a little and I have enough trouble waking up anyway even if I've had plenty of sleep. The 'this works sleep therapy' sounds appealing but I hate the smell of lavender! and having a balm on my wrists, neck etc puts me off! I haven't been in the mood to play around with my outfits, especially when I'm just working in the flat all day. Plus I'm doing screen printing in the next few weeks and really don't fancy ruining more clothing! It stains! I might post some work on here, would anyone be interested in seeing it? I'd really love some feedback. 

We've also had a day of sunshine, fingers crossed it stays! I think everyone is feeling the need for a bit of sunshine and vitamin D right now! 


  1. THIS DRESS is fantastic. I must buy it.


  2. You really suit this dress the colours go lovely with your skin. I would love if you could check out my blog I'm just starting out but hopefully it will blossom soon thanks. X