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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

lashes of london competition, pastel grunge

lashes of london competition

Metallic dress
$78 - lashesoflondon.com

Antique prom dress
$140 - lashesoflondon.com

Embroidered t shirt
$155 - lashesoflondon.com

Leather skirt
$33 - lashesoflondon.com

Lace skirt
$71 - lashesoflondon.com

I've seen this competition floating around various blogs and I thought it looked like fun! I love creating outfits and I think the pastel grunge theme I've got going on in the set above is a perfect twist on the upcoming monochrome trend.  If you're like me then white is your worst enemy. I'm a messy eater according to my clothes and I get messy in the printroom at uni. If there was a way to get messy at doing something, you name it - I've done it. Lilac is such a sweet colour, it reminds me of parma violets! It's a cool colour yet it's warming because of the hint of crimson red in it making it perfect for spring as the weather starts to warm up! You could wear all of these items all year round, layer them up or undress them easily. Leather skirts are still in fashion and so easy to wear! I've got an outfit post coming up featuring my leather skirt! I'm in love with the lilac embroidered t-shirt. It's just so, pretty. Metallic is really on trend this spring too, you could easily wear the dress with a t-shirt on top, a jumper, cardi, with tights or even put another skirt on top! It's so versatile. It's a really magical collection.

To enter visit this link: Lashes of London Entry   Give it a go, it was fun just to play around! 

Visit www.lashesoflondon.com to see all the latest trends at affordable prices! I'm so tempted to order! I'm really interested in seeing what is on other bloggers wishlists! leave your links below?


  1. Very cute!
    I love the lilac color (:
    Have a beautiful day!
    Kisses from LA,