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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Back to Blue

 Don't you just love taking picture in front of a window? Makes my skin look perfect. It's not very nice at the moment and I'm looking into getting a cleanser so I actually take ALL my make up off at night and leave it by my bedside. I was looking at the REN Hydra Calm Cleansing Gel because of my sensitive skin and if I'm using it around my eyes (I'm meant to- right?) I can't use one for acne prone skin. Dilemma. Have any of you got any recommendations for acne prone skin that's also highly sensitive? I'm new to this skincare business! mine has literally been the same moisturizer for years, hydro-cortisone and face wash and anti-biotic cream now my skin's nasty! I'm wearing the Lord and Berry Lipstick that I've featured here: Lord and Berry

As you can see I've redyed my hair. I couldn't help myself! I adore the blue and I've mixed La Riche Directions in Atlantic with Fudge Paint Box in Mr Green Jeans (try ebay). It made the colour so much more brighter! As much as I want my ombré back my hair is in such awful condition that the vegetable hair dye is moisturizing it and if I'm getting it chopped off I wanted the blue back! any super saving hair product recommendations?!


  1. Looks fab, great pics really shows the blue hair and your lip colour is gorgeous! X

  2. Your hair is seriously amazing i wish I could pull of this kind of hair!xx


  3. Your skin does look really nice in the pictures! I don't have acne skin, but very dry skin and also a little bit sensitive. But when I have a spot I use salicylic acid (Etat pur) on it Works quite good I think!



  4. I adore the blue as well!
    And your skin DOES look really great! It's so flawless (:
    Kisses from LA,