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Monday, 18 February 2013

Another Set of Hair Pictures

Anybody want some tips on dying hair? might do a do's and don'ts soon!
I'm at home at the moment and this is a picture from a couple of days ago! I've since had a hair cut which you'd know if you've seen my twitter and instagram. I really like the parted fringe on me here, it isn't quite long enough yet but my hairdresser told me it suited me even though others said it doesn't and I trust her opinion. Although at the end of the day, if I like it, I'm keeping it whether someone likes it or not. I'm stubborn like that. I like changing my parting around and it's not as easy with a fringe! especially a flyaway one like mine. Any tips on keeping it in place? I don't like using products on it really and I can only do so much with straightners!

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