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Sunday, 3 February 2013


I couldn't decide between those two photos, something about both of them I don't like. As you can see I've got rid of the blue ends. I'm almost regretting it but I would have needed to re-bleach it anyway as it had mostly grown out and been cut off. Turns out vegetable hair dye is a NIGHTMARE to get rid of, especially blue. I'm cursed with minty blue ends after trying to bleach it out. Pretty colour just not what I wanted. I wanted my blonde ombré back but it seems that it's going to take a while to let my hair grow. I've ruined it at the moment, 3 inch sections keep breaking off and it is hell to brush. I already had horrendous hair brushing moments daily and now it's even worse! It's so tempting to get it cut short....

(I've no idea where this image is from, if you do let me know! it was off tumblr)

I love this hair, the blonde is really nice. I'm not sure on short though, as much as I want it! Maybe i'll do an Alexa Chung. Or Freja Beha Erichsson. She has gorgeous hair!


  1. Sorry to hear it is breaking off, I have been through this stage before and in the end I had to go for the chop (it really is the only way through it as when it snaps it creates split ends that creep up your hair and make a real mess of it) I say go for it, be brave and chop it. I am sure you will look beautiful whatever haircut or colour you have. And don't forget, it always grows back :)

    Janine xx
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  2. You should totally do an Alexa Chung chop. Looks gorgeous anyway. Im rather envious!
    Mel x

  3. This might sound weird but I love your fringe! It looks so full, mine is always separating it drives me crazy! I say go for the chop, I reckon you'd suit it. I love that girl in picture's hair, the most gorgeous colour xxx