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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Zara Boots

I love new shoes, these especially. My dad keeps on saying I'm the next Imelda Marcos. (I'm not, I'm not rich enough for that many pairs of shoes, damn you bloggers with huge student finance loans) As you maybe aware I'm a lover of black, black clothes and black shoes. Brown is a colour that looks HIDEOUS on me despite everyone always saying "You have brown hair of course brown suits you" and then I put some brown on and they see. I have dark brown hair and although it's lighter than it used to be I still don't think I suit brown. I have to be careful with eyeshadow too, often looks like I've been punched and have a black eye! As with lots of nude eye shadows. I received the Naked palette for Christmas and it's really flattering. Some colours I choose to play around with instead of all over the lid but nonetheless I am a happy girl.

 I don't own any beige boots and these are just beautiful. £29.99 from Zara and although they aren't leather I feel the quality is quite nice. The colour will go with so much and I imagine I'll wear them down the pub or something in summer. Too nice for clubs. They do come up a little big and although I'm a 5 usually I need an insole. They are however VERY HIGH for everyday wear! The heel measures around 4 inches. My highest heeled boot that I wear everyday is 3 and a half inches and sometimes I feel that's too high seeing as I'm 5'7/5'8. I haven't even had a chance to wear these gorgeous boots out yet! Thank you snow. I was going to wear them on the past weekend that I went home for my boyfriends birthday and he's pretty tall and I'd still be shorter. Just that odd tall couple you see out and about but the snow was just not having it. My journey home should have been approximately 2 and a half hours. It took 5. 5 WHOLE HOURS standing around in the cold, cold, cold snow waiting for trains that didn't want to turn up. They did thankfully and I got home just before midnight. The weather meant I wore my black glittery wellies and adidas khaki sleek high tops. Hot.  

 Platform Ankle Boot from Zara That is the link and I've also seen the blue - it's gorgeous. Somebody ;) ?
I can't wait to wear these out! anyone else feel too tall sometimes? My friend is 6ft ish and I know she doesn't always like wearing heels out but she is gorgeous and looks amazing in them. I'm only a few inches over average but sometimes I feel like a giant. Especially next to short people who don't like me as I'm taller than them. Clever. 


  1. They look gorgeous! I was in Zara the other day but it was so messy because of the sales! x

  2. I love new shoes too! These are gorgeous, a good price I think. LOVE the blue ones as well. xxx

  3. I'm so in love with this, so pretty.

  4. Lovely boots!

    xx Mounia

  5. They're so pretty! I love Zara shoes :)

    Lana, xo

  6. Hey there,

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award, congratulations!

    All the information on the award and what to do next are on my blog here http://chicintentions.blogspot.ie/2013/01/leibster-award-nomination.html

    This is to show my appreciation for your blog, keep up the brilliant work




  7. I love the boots! Lovely blog, new follower :)

    Sammy xx


  8. they are beautiful!

    btw I nominated you for the Liebster award, check my latest post :)

    (I noticed other people have too :D xx)

  9. I really want to get these in black, they look quite comfy! x