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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Trying out the tripod and failing...

My face in this last picture is brilliant. Clearly haven't mastered the 'blogger' look yet. Hands on hip pose is rather amusing too, however it is the clearest picture of my outfit and I can't quite be bothered to go be all cool and edit these photos including cropping out my face.

I'm wear a shirt from tkmaxx, it's quicksilver and very soft. I've got it tucked in and buttoned up which I really like but my sister thinks I'm a 'tumblr wannabe' which I don't agree with because I'm a fashion student, duh.

The skirt is my latest purchase, it's from H&M and cost £14.99 I believe. It's really easy to wear as the colour goes with lots of autumnal shades and my cream Marks and Spencers age 14-16 school tights which REALLY don't fit my 5'7 frame. But they do, ish. It's a matte leather and I really like the contrast between the soft cotton shirt and the knitted scarf against it. 

I may have copied/admired Alexa Chung's skirt in More(?) magazine. I can't find out where it's from or that particular magazine so do let me know! I love the look.

I've got my favourite heeled boots on by Hogl. I bought them last Christmas and they've lasted me so well.
You can tell that they easily have a few more years left in them. I've redyed them too with a Dylon Nubuck dye- surprisingly easy!
They have a gel sole so they are really comfortable to walk in. They retail at £135 but they only sell them for £145 with a hidden zip for help instead of the pesky, pesky laces. I adore them and even thought I'm just under 6 ft in them I honestly don't care. (sometimes...)

I really needed to re-dye my hair here, whooooops. And please do excuse my messy room, sorry Nana.


  1. Love this outfit + Alexa Chung!
    Now following your lovely little blog!
    Georgia xx

    1. Ah she's amazing isn't she! thanks lovely xxx

  2. Hi there Isobel, well it's a very cute outfit photo anyway, focussed or not :) Alexa would approve! x

    1. Thanks! I quite like it unfocused. xx

  3. Haha. I love this! I am the worst at getting pictures with a tripod. You look great though! And I love your hair.


    1. Haha I haven't even tried since! thanks xx

  4. I love the dip dyed hair, followed you on instagram x