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Friday, 14 December 2012

Skin Care

First of all, SORRY. For the photos, they aren't very pretty. My skin has been pretty nasty recently and it has really started to get me down. The first picture of my skin was taken in July and I bought the PanOxyl cream which actually worked wonders. However it dries your skin out madly and itches. It also BLEACHES your bed sheets, towels, clothes or anything really! I went to the doctors who then prescribed me antibiotic cream as it's mild acne which actually didn't make a difference. I've gone back and she's got me on these horrifically large antibiotic three month treatment. "A beaucoup problemoCalvin" (I do hope you got that movie quote) is that I can't swallow them. If you've been on my twitter (@739051) you should have seen the picture I uploaded, they're huuge! I thought it was a bit drastic going on a 3 month course but the dr basically said it's not going to get better, still be lumpy, sore and red and SCAR. 

The Bioderma Sebuim face wash is one of my savours. I bought it from a pharmacy in France at first and after realising how good it actually was I've bought the 500ml from eBay! 
It isn't at all drying but it does leave a matte finish if you could call it that. It leaves my skin soft and smooth with no trace of oil! Using this twice a day has really helped. It also has improved my scars massively. I'd recommend this to anyone! Expensive but very, very worth it. It also is so important to 'pat' your face dry. I have no idea why but everyone has recommended this to me! I get that my skin isn't that bad but it does really affect your confidence even if no one believes me when I say it does. I can only wear so much make up! It's also really rather painful and hard to sleep on. ANYWAY poor me, blah, blah, blah! Very self centred this post!

Any recommendations for swallowing big tablets?! I panic and it always ends in tears. I've tried yogurt, milk, water bottle, tea, squash, doing silly things with my tongue! everything. I just can't do it! Panicking obviously doesn't help but I do REALLY want to sort my skin out. ( I have to wash/change anything that touches my face daily, urgh not good for an lazy girl like me!) Gagging is also an issue, soo messy!

Have any of you suffered with bad skin? any recommendations or advice? 


  1. Do you go to the GP or specialist? Better get a good one and inform them of any allergies or your concern! I wish i could give you more productive advice, maybe more water? And diet change? Or the climate? please take care! X


    1. Just the GP :) I think if I could swallow them then I might get somewhere! Always need to drink more water! xx

  2. I tried everything to clear my skin up, in the end the only thing that worked and completely transformed my skin was accutane. If you are unhappy, you need to tell you GP.. Say how it's making you depressed and affecting your life. Then they have to refer you to a dermatologist who will prescribe you accutane.

    I know you hear bad things as well as good about accutane, but honestly it was the best thing I ever did. My skin is 100% better than what it used to be.

    If you need any more information or have any questions just message me!

    Also I learnt that the more I tried to remove the oil the worse my skin would be, gentle products are the way forward!

    Hope I helped.


    1. Ah I've heard both great and bad things about that! I think I'm ok for now, when it flares up again I'll be back! Yes I've found so many products available on the high street dry my skin up like crazy and generally don't make it any better. The bioderma is brilliant as it's soap free, non-comeodgenic and hypoallergenic! thanks for your help xx

  3. Not sure if you've found a solution for the pills yet but my dad has a hard time swallowing pills, too, & his doctor recommended swallowing them with a spoonful of apple sauce. It really works!

    1. I haven't! I tried smoothie today and no luck :( I haven't tried that! Might do that as I'm so desperate! thank you for the suggestion lovely xx