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Friday, 21 December 2012

Recent empties

Apart from the mascara, I would buy all of these products again. I have already bought the Blistex Med Plus lip balm from Boots (here) as it seems to be the only lip balm that works! It is really moisturising and tingles a bit. It smells like Vicks which isn't pleasant but I try to ignore that. I use it a lot at night as then I can coat my lips/mouth/entire face in it!
 The TRESemme volumising dry shampoo (here) is my favourite dry shampoo, again already repurchased. I find it doesn't leave as much residue or white powder like Batiste does. I prefer the smell and it makes my roots really clean looking and adds volume. I use it on days where I need to hide the unwashed hair look and when I need to spruce up my hair. It is pricier at £4.79 but I've bought it full price and half price before. I would pay full price for this and I don't think I'll ever go back to Batiste unless they make one that really matches my hair colour (I don't like gingery brown roots on my dark brown hair!) Boots have it on 3 for £9.00 at the moment so get there quick!
The colgate toothpaste is also a repurchase, I get really sensitive teeth to sugar especially and I find this helps enormously. The enamel on my teeth has worn down due to grinding my teeth but this has helped so, so much! Not very glamorous but worth the horrible price. 
I can't stand the mascara anymore, it was too thick. I used it all up and there were occasions that I liked it but we're not friends anymore and I've gone back to my faithful volume millionize! I wrote about them both here.
The nail varnish remover by Pretty Quik I've bought for years. It's really quick and although I've never used the Bourjois one (the one everyone thought was new and revolutionary) I prefer the small size of this and it's only £2.50 here. I've often topped up the sponge with nail varnish remover too.
The medicated chapstick is really great, I haven't re bought this yet as I have another chapstick to use up. It's easy to pile on without looking like you have. Good for under lipstick too.
The Lancome Hypnose star mascara is a favourite, I wrote about it here.


  1. Nice blog

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  2. I like your reviews on these things, I also feel I should look at reviews before spending my money, even if it's only about four or five pound, so thank you! I will have a look at the tresseme spray and definitely the mascara, I'm so fickle when it comes to buying mascara, I chop and change like the wind! So basically, thank you :P

    Lots of Love, Catherine xxx


    1. Thank you :) I always check for reviews! especially swatches! Ah see I stick to my favourites but recently I've been exploring! xx