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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Boxing Day

I just can't seem to make these pictures bigger, WHY? Anyway this is what I wore on Boxing day travelling up to Birmingham to see family. It was a Christmas present from my sister, it was such a good surprise as I hadn't asked for it nor did I know she knew I liked it! The dark green is perfect for my skin colour and it doesn't wash me out too much ( See picture's 2 & 3, in picture 1 I resemble an awkward looking casper, not cool.) It goes well with my dark brown hair but the beauuutiful blue colour? not so much. It's so comfy and right up my street. It's Topshop and the link is here. I have a size 8 for reference and it fits perfectly, any bigger and I would have lost it's shape I think. 
Hope everyone had a lovely, lovely relaxed Christmas! Thank you for your kind comments on my last post! The lighting at home is SO much better than at uni, my room is the dingy-ist and has a teeny tiny window. Bit of a problemo. 

Lipstick is Rimmel's Colour Show Off in 'Kiss me' or 'Pink Fame'... the label has rubbed off, sorry! I have both colours and they are SO SO similar so I shouldn't worry! 


  1. Aw your sister is lovely buying you this, it really suits you.

    Janine xx

  2. LOVE this dress.. You're right, it's such a lovely colour on you! I always have to travel a lot over Xmas to see different family so finding something that's comfy and looks fab is a keeper!