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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Products I'm loving and products I'm not loving

This is just a quick roundup of all the products I've been using recently that I wanted to tell you about.
L'oreal Mega Volume Collagen 24 Hour mascara is not my favourite. What a way to start a review! It's not a negative one but I'm not really a fan. Saying that I have used it all up and usually if I can't stand a mascara I'll give it to my sister or something. I stand by the L'oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara as my all time favourite. Volume and definition is what I look for in a mascara and this one certainly had the volume. It has quite a thick consistency and I would of preferred it if it has an brush excess wiper like the Million Lashes! It was really thick and almost gloopy when I first bought it and after a few weeks it was the perfect consistency. I find it works best with an eye lash curler, I use a No7 one and it makes the eye lashes much more curved and defined with this mascara.
 Would I buy it again? No not unless it was £3 on eBay and I was poor!
 This is the new mascara from L'oreal, my first impressions were great. The packaging looks expensive and I don't mind the red! The mascara's brush is slightly smaller than the Millionize brush but it is larger at the end. It gives volume and definition. I'll let you know how I get one with this one and how it compares to my favourite.
Would I buy it again? After two uses I'd say I would! I'm Impressed.
 This treatment conditioner from Dove is great. I got this sample free with an ASOS order. At first I put it away to use another day as I didn't have coloured hair. As you all now know I do have coloured hair and I've been keeping up with the blue. My hairdresser told me the hair dye I used here : I'm Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Da is really conditioning for the hair and I'm not doing any damage dyeing it as it just sits on the hair cuticles. This treatment conditioner is brilliant, it feels so luxurious in your hair and detangles my knots beautifully! I leave it on for a couple of minutes then use my tangle teezer and then wash out. It has helped de-frizz my hair so much recently and my mum even commented it was looking better.
Would I buy it again? I have already gone out and bought it already from Poundland and and I believe it's on offer in Wilkinson's! I love it.
 This is lovely! It smells lovely and you can definitely smell the spice! I use this daily and I also use it as a shaving cream and I've noticed my razors last much longer? My legs also don't react the same to shaving which is a plus. I love that it is soap free (most Body Shop shower gels are) and therefore isn't as drying on my skin. It does still foam up especially with gloves or one of those poofy things. It's around £4.50 but Body Shop often have deals on!
Would I buy it again? Yes, without a doubt.
 This is a really strong cream. I bought the Aqua Gel version as it doesn't have alcohol in it. This really works on the cyst spots and you only need to use a tiny, tiny bit. It thins the skin too and drys it out so you have to be really careful. I've got this all over my bedding and it's bleached the blue to white. It's really upsetting! haha especially as it's my Habitat linen! It does have a warning on the back though... I've stopped using this everyday as I do have really sensitive skin as it was drying it out and becoming more sensitive but I do use it when my skin has flared up. I would recommend this and to buy it from a pharmacist but ask for advice and if it is suitable for your skin!  It's not a cop out for normal spots as it is so strong, be warned!
Would I buy again? Yes I would, but it's going to take me a long time to get through this!
 These wipes were on offer in Superdrug for around £1.42. I picked them up as just to use if my face feels like it needs a quick clean or if I'm staying at my boyfriends and don't want to lug all my make up remover and cotton wool around. I bought the oil balancing ones as my cheeks often get oily and produce more sebum than needed! I have a fantastic face wash by Bioderma that helps but I like to clean my face during the day sometimes without having to whip out my flannel and face wash. I didn't like the smell of these even though it was a 'fresh' clean smell. The wipe left a sticky residue on my face and definitely didn't remove all my mascara off even thought it claims to remove waterproof mascara too.
Would I buy again? No the full price isn't worth it, I had to rewash my face and they weren't as drying as I'd have liked them too be or moisturising! I prefer own brand wipes as they often have more remover on them and are better for sensitive skin!
 I love using Bio-Oil in a bath or after I've showered. It is really moisturising and although I haven't seen any improvement on stretch marks or scars it has generally made my skin better after using it. It also gives you such a healthy glow!
Would I buy it again? Yes although I mix it with baby oil to save money!
That was a long post, I hope this has been of some use to you!


  1. Aww, I really didn't like the Volume Million mascara when I had it! I've had a bottle of Bio Oil for YEARS but never really used it, should dig it out!

    1. Ah really? Some of my friends hate it too but I love it! Best product I own. You should! xx

  2. I've always wondered about the Volume million lashes mascara but had never heard anything about it so never picked it up, might pick up the excess now! Thanks for this! xx


    1. Tesco have it for £8 at the moment! Thanks for the comment xx

  3. Lovely blog<3
    Check out mine sometime if you want :)

    1. Thank you, I've just checked it out! Really like it! xx

  4. Love your blog and informative blogposts!

    Maybe you would like to follow each other?

  5. Wow I need to try that new l'oreal mascara!