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Friday, 16 November 2012

Company Magazine

 I love Company magazine, I love the re-design and the newspaper feel of the pages. It's more like a sketchbook/scrapbooks with the page designs and much more suited to me and my craft/fashion love. I find it is definetely worth the usual £2! It's filled to the brim with useful tips make up and fashion.  
 I really like the All Saints dress and the dark green one next to it. The Dorothy Perkin's dress is really cool with the sheer panel and bang on trend. It's also affordable and perfect for christmas and new year parties!
 This is the first time I've seen this sort of advertising/promotion in a magazine. Apart from the fact no-one needs to try that many colour samples out I thought it was really clever. I do understand that Rimmel are trying to cater for everyone but it does seem a waste? I tried out the first 3 shades. I think that the first one suits me best as you can see when it's rubbed in (above the swatch below) it is harder to notice than the other two. But I'm not THAT pale?! I'm definitely no Snow White but I personally would go for 010 especially as my face is paler than the back on my hand. I should have probably tested it out on the inside of my wrist but I'm just not that professional!
Ignoring my sore lips and horrific skin (thankfully hidden from camera!) but as you can tell you can't see any foundation that is the wrong colour! And I have all 3 tested out on my face. Or can you see? I'm not sure anymore and staring hasn't helped!
What do you think to this new advertising?

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  1. You have beautiful skin, Isobel! :)

    Followed you :)

    The Misty Mom