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Friday, 30 November 2012

back to normal

  • Taunton has been flooded recently, we've had footpaths disappear under water, police cording off areas, roads shut, bus services down and shops shutting early but it's all back to normal now I hope!
  •  I learnt that one of my cats is quite poorly and it's really devastating. The cats are a huge part of my life at home. Devon - I hope that you are reading, thank you for being such a great friend and I really, really hope you get that luck that you deserve. (fingers and paws crossed)
  • I'm still a bit lost on my current university project but I'm hoping I can pull it off and finally get some better marks!
  • At the moment I have some temporary work in the sweetest shop in Taunton called Ginger Fig. It sells really cool gifts and gadgets. A girls dream too, lots of smelly candles, beautiful scarves and prints. 
  • I went to Nandos today, my first time! I'm no longer a 'Nandos virgin' as everyone says. It was good I'll admit it I was quite dubious! I had chicken with the medium sauce on and it was safe to say gluten free! I really enjoyed it and it was lovely to hang out with the girls without having to stress about work. (that will be next week, don't you worry) We sang lots of songs including Christmas ones in the car! lots of fun.
  •  I'm so happy it's nearly Christmas! I can go home and spend time with my family, friends, boyfriend and cats! They need some extra love from me! 
  • Back to work in the shoe shop at Christmas! I really appreciate the hours I get but boy am I going to be tired. And busy. Very busy.
  • I've got my eye on some knee length grey boots at work too. They've had them the past two years in brown but they have finally brought them out in a dark grey/black and I wish I had the funds!
  • I have my Cadbury's Wishes advent calender propped up all ready to be opened tomorrow! Sent as a surprise from my mum and dad which was really sweet, even if I did complain the day it arrived! Spoiling my surprises as usual! I can't wait.
  • Haven't done any shopping recently as i'm on the student budget but I've picked up a few supermarket/Boots bits which I'll give a review! 
  • I'm loving the Autumn/Winter fashion. It's my favourite fashion season. Lots of autumnal colours, layers, knits and large mugs of tea!

I'm not sure on whether I like this colour/print clashing combination. What do you think? I think that it's ok cropped but in full maybe a bit too much? too harsh to the eye maybe! or not aesthetically pleasing as we would use.

I've got a slight lesbian fringe going on in this picture! I really like the outfit though, so comfy. It's just one of my maxi dresses layered up! I never know what to do with my hands! They look like witches hands!

so there is my little update! Hope everyone is well and not freezing to ice outside!


  1. I actually love the print clash, not an eye-sore at all!

    1. Aw thank you! Wait till you see them close up though...!

  2. i love the dress!
    looks great layered up!

    1. Thanks! Really good way to wear all your summer maxis, minus the floral summery ones though!xx

  3. Those prints look ace together! I love both items that you are wearing there too!!
    Ginger&fig sounds amazing! Wish I lived down there!!


    1. It's a lovely little shop! It's a nice area but there is no place like home! thank you! xx