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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Alien by Thierry Mugler

I recently bought this perfume from Buyapowa, it was heavily reduced from £44.00 to £32.50 including postage. I'm so glad I bought this as it is one of my favourite perfumes and I've never had a chance to own it until now. It's scent lasts for hours and I often don't bother wearing it if I'm just popping out as you can still smell it on my favourite scarf! I tried it on in the airport in Ibiza last year and after going home, sleeping and having a shower I could still smell it on me 12 hours later! And I PROMISE I showered properly!
At the moment Buyapowa have YSL Belle D'Opium on for £37 instead of £81 if all the co-buyers buy. I really want this one! Tempted to ask for it for Christmas but seeing as I just got a new one...
 Anyway here is the link : Buyapowa Belle D'Opium

You can buy it from Debenhams from here: Link Debenhams describe it as :

"The radiant notes of mandarin essence gives the fragrance a zesty, tangy freshness. The dazzling notes of Moroccan jasmine gives the fragrance a crystalline luminosity. The sensuality of white amber and cashmeran wood caresses the skin with their bewitching scent" The amber really stands out to me and overall I think it is a lovely unique scent even though my own mother isn't a fan!


  1. I loved ANGEL! ♥ Have to try this one!

    The Misty Mom

    1. It's lovely! one of my closest friends loves Angel and it always reminds me of her! xx

  2. Haha, it made me chuckle that your mum isn't a fan. It's the opposite with mine... my mum adores this and wears it all the time. Whereas I'm not really a fan. lol Good review though!

    1. Aw no! I always love my mum's perfumes, Elie Saab's always reminds me of her. Even if you don't like it at least their is the connection between the smell and your mumma!

      Thank you!