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Friday, 5 October 2012

New ish hair!

thank you all for your lovely and kind comments! I've been having a stalk of all your blogs it's really nice to see what you've all been up too! I don't feel special enough to get all these comments!
I've had 'ombré' hair for about a year now, redone it about 5 times because I have to get it cut religiously as it's thin, knotty and gets damamged easily! My friend ellen does it for me and I've done hers before it's ridiculously easy. As my hair is really dark after a few 'sessions' as you could call them it looked more natural as it had grown out.

 I use this bleach/hair lightening kit: Wella Hair Streaking Kit
My hair takes really easy to bleach so I it on max 25 minutes. I used this tutorial to learn it the first time! Ellen does it for me and it's really handy to have a friend to do it!
It's really important to make sure it's blended especially at the top as that is where it is going to be most noticable!

I start with the bottom and leave it for a bit then add some more to the top and continue blending it for the whole time.

This is before:
This is after: I didn't want a subtle change as I'm thinking of dying it a different colour. The ends have been bleached more and it looks so much nicer!

Believe it or not it is quite different! The light in the second picture doesn't show it aswell as it had gone 6pm but the blonde is up to my shoulders now. My roots are also a lot darker so it's quite dramatic.
Do you guys still think ombré or dip-dye is cool? I'd love to see pictures so leave a link!


  1. i love ombre! im just too scared to try it lol great post


    1. Try it! It's really easy to do! get a friend to help xx

  2. Your hair looks so cool with it, I personally could not pull it off :)


    1. Thanks! I'm sure you could, maybe more subtle? xx

  3. Replies
    1. Me too it's so pretty, can't quite believe I've had it for a year! still love it. xx