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Saturday, 20 October 2012

i'm gone but i'll be back

My laptop is hating life at the moment. A couple of weeks ago my blogger photo upload stopped working. This has happened before but usually a adobe upload would sort that! sadly it doesn't work and to make things worst, someone hacked into my email, I have a trojan and numerous rootits stuck on my laptop and Carphone warehouse won't help me unless I have proof of purchasing (because I'm really that cool/genius to steal a laptop).

TAKE ME HOME. Home has John Lewis. John Lewis would save me and the South West is rubbish. Plus everyone thinks I'm posh (still...) because I go to John Lewis.

Fact of the Day/Year: virgin media security is rubbish, I've had more than 2 virus's whilst with them. And as soon as I can uninstall (won't let me...complete rubbish!) I'll be buying AVG.

anybody want to save me? :) I'll pay in chocolate...

sorry for the completely off-track post, I just want to post pretty pictures to you all!

back soon xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Just found your blog. I really like it :) you have a pretty face :D

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    Kisses, Elena