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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ooh La La

I'm a little ticked off that the pictures are fuzzy, maybe I won't be the next David Bailey after all.
HOWEVER let me introduce you to my new underwear, too much information? I'd hope not.
Floozie sell at Debenhams and they sell some very pretty bras. The one above is so soft and feels really good quality. It's almost my size, almost. The back just needs to be a wee bit tighter but I can always alter that, I've pinned it and the cups still fit without that awful double boobed, four boobs effect! Really good value too, the bralet or longline bra whatever you wish to call it was only £20.00! Floozie by Frost French - here is the link to the bra, you can also see the pants too. The pants fit beautifully and are true to size. Again the fabric is delightfully soft and they are lined with cotton. (Definitely too much information, you lucky readers!) I think the price is lovely and possibly too low for the bra as it is such good quality even though my pictures don't show it. The pants are pricier at £8.50 a pop but that's cheaper than some in Marks and Spencers (I KNOW, MARKS AND SPARKS HAVE GONE POSH). I would buy this again in another colour, perhaps this sexy black one? I didn't see this in store and I wish I had, this longline bra has front fastening making it sooo easy! I've had longer longline bras and they are a pain to do up but I bet this is a dream.
Also boyfriend approved. Go get some girls!

Bra's in my size - Check these out before reading the below!

I don't know about any of you but can I just say, why on earth would a 19 year old want to wear this sort of underwear? it's not flattering or sexy or indeed in my view, nice. I could understand if you had larger boobs and needed the support but without flattering myself, I have the boobs of a 12 year old fat boy. If you catch my drift. And how these are meant to fit? God knows. Personally I'm a big fan of Gossard bras (these actually are really tight, the 30 inch back is perfect on me, but I can't find a shop that still stock them to try on a different style), Wonderbra ( The 3x enhancing bras- wow.) and all sorts of pretty brands like Elle Macpherson's underwear is to die for. If I could afford Agent Provocateur I would buy it but nether the less this stuff will do wonders for both my self esteem and looks. Yet they don't do them in my size. I'm approximately a 28DD, yet I wouldn't know as nowhere, I repeat nowhere sell pretty bras in this size. Call me fussy but I'd rather wear a almost right bra than the ones in my size which you can only seem to buy from Debenhams.

D'ya hear that sexy undies companies? Make nice bras with smaller backs, please.

And for you easy boobed people (a sentence I'd never thought I'd say) catch the offer on at ASOS today! Ends Friday morning I believe. SO MANY PRETTY BRAS. Here is the link

Sorry if you feel this is a little too much, I've quite enjoyed my rant.


  1. This set is so pretty! Really like your blog too, following :) xx


    1. It's cute isn't it! Thanks! loving yours too.

      Thank you for the comment! xx