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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My name is Izzie and I have a

I really do, I bought 4 pairs in a week in the last month. Saying that, one pair were boots, one pair of havaianas, one pair of heels and a pair of flats!
These gorgeous heeled boots are from Zara, they are called 'ANTIK HIGH-HEEL ANKLE BOOT WITH BUCKLE' and to be honest with you I'm in love with them. No lie!
I adore the over sized tongue and the block heel. There is something so feminine about them, perhaps the toe and the leather covering the instep. Yet at the same time the 'sharp' look and the buckle along with the chunky heel make it very androgynous. Perfect for wearing with skinny jeans or tights.
They are £69.99 which for a leather shoe I think is perfectly acceptable. In the shop I work in that would be £150+ which is QUITE  a lot for a tiny piece of leather! who do they think I am? a millionaire! Zara is fancy enough for me.
(Ish, I have my eye on some £149 Manas boots, so beautiful)


  1. I LOVE THOSE SHOES! plus your blog is pretty cool, I'd love a follow back?xxx

    1. They are so nice aren't they! Oooh I'll take a look! Thanks xxx

  2. hehe I have a bit of a shoe problem too, and Zara have about 10 different pairs of boots at the moment that I love! xx

    1. Haha I don't think it should be classed as a problem, I take it back, I have a "shoe collection" oh Zara are so naughty aren't they xxx