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Thursday, 23 August 2012


I was in Kensington High Street for Pure London's trade show when I popped into Oliver Bonas to 'window browse'. I didn't browse as you might have guessed! I bought the Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate. It smells really nice, it's quite subtle and not too overwhelming like other lip balms such as Carmex. It also doesn't taste horrible! The shop assistant recommended it as "the best lip balm she has ever used" well she would to sell it to me wouldn't she. However I'm going to take her up on that offer and say it's one of the best lip balms (Yes, I know it's 'technically' a butter, but the texture is balmy!) I've ever used. It's not medicated and it's really kind to your lips (Haha how nice of it to be kind!) and SO moisturising! It soaks in nicely and already I can start to wear lipstick again as it's smoothed my lips dramatically! The colour of this one isn't very strong but you can see it.
And maybe get student discount?
Have you used this before? What do you think? Any other lip balms or butters to recommend to me?
P.S the Guava one smells gross.
P.P.S I got a new camera for my birthday! What do you think of the pictures? This wasn't on auto settings!


  1. amazing lip balm *_* your blog is very good and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too :)) keep in touch!


    1. I've only just worked out how to reply! Silly me. Thanks for your comment, have you tried out the lip balm? I'll have a look! xx