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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sale shopping...Zara

Zara Dress £17.99 from £25.99

Full view, It's sheer at the top and the bottom (Sorry rubbish picture)

Close up of the material; the colour has turned out differently in the light, the actual colour is more like the one in the background out of focus in this picture!

 I first saw this dress in Bristol whilst I was looking for another dress. Having found that dress I decided to be brave and put this one back. I'm so glad I did! I found it £8 cheaper in High Wycombe's Eden Zara store. It's not a great bargain but £8 or so off meant I could justify buying two H&M vest dresses rather than chose between the colours! I'm trying to be good with my money but I managed to spend £60 today oops.......

The dress itself on is quite flattering; maybe I'll post a picture soon, get my camera savvy sister to help! It's gathered at the waist and has a small brown cheap belt with it. It's also not too 'poofy' with all the gathering as I usually find gathering makes my hips look bigger! Not a good look when you have tiny legs and top half... I have an odd shape haha!

I love this dress and the colour is gorgeous! Want to see a picture of the dress on?


  1. That dress is a really lovely colour xx

  2. This dress is extremely beautiful!

  3. such a gorgeous colour and i can imagine it being a really flattering shape :)xo

  4. your outfit looks amazing! i really like your style. this is so unique. you're pretty and your pictures are very profesional- magic!
    i adore this blog and i'm gonna follow you.
    http://coeursdefoxes.blogspot.com/ come and say hi, i'm gonna visit you way often :)

  5. thanks guys! yes the dress is beautiful! x

  6. this dress is soo pretty! i love zara and on sale it was a steal!!