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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pistol Panties

I ordered this bikini from ASOS the other day, I first fell in love with the pattern and the shape and then I noticed the price. £139 down to £26. If I hadn't of bought this I shouldn't be allowed to be a girl. It's the best bargain I've ever had and believe me I've had some bargains.

 In my mind swimwear should last a couple of years if you are like me and only wear them for 2-3 weeks a year. I always make sure to rinse my bikini's out after wearing them and handwash when I can. I machine wash my bikini's in a lingerie bag them as soon as I get back to remove germs and clean them obviously! Pistol Panties are such a good quality underwear and swimsuit brand I hope it will last a lot longer.

 I bought a size 10, even though I'm normally an 8 but they didn't have that in stock. It's not overly big, the top could probably do with being smaller but it definately won't fall/come down! I wear bra size 28DD - 30D and it fits beautifully even though I'm not busty! The halterneck tie wasn't needed either to keep it secure so you could wear it up or down!

 I love the pattern. It's really simple but quite different to the ditsy print ones out at the moment. It's a silvery/lilac colour and is very flattering with my skin tone at the moment - shade of white! haha but I hope it will still look ok when I have a tan, if not oh well! It's only a bikini. The metal heart in the middle looks pretty on too but doesn't show too much boob! I can't imagine you'd get a strong tan line from this as the sun could probably still get underneath, even if you have small boobs like me.

I love it and would recommend anyone buy one! after all not many people will have it!

This is the ASOS Pistol Panties page where they have lots of bikini's and swimwear VERY CHEAP.
This is the Pistol Panties bikini I got.

P.s Hope the spelling is ok, I'm not great at it and the spell check won't work! damn!


  1. really cute bikini set!


  2. that's lovelY!!!