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Thursday, 28 June 2012


I've bought ASOS premier as it's only £14.95 at the moment! That's £10 off the normal price. I always use ASOS as it's so handy and I always get bargains! If you want to get it try this link! :ASOS PREMIER  Only one small catch, I often forget you have to order before 6PM to get the next day delivery and then it takes two days! Great for the last minute dress or item IF you remember. If you think about it £14.95 is less than 3 next day delivery charges so you save A LOT. Go for it, I'd say it's worth it!


  1. amazing post :)
    I love it!!


  2. Me too! It's so dangerous though... As a Fashion and Textiles degree student I think it's important to own lots of clothes...and make up...and anything else! Who am I kidding I love to shop haha! Thanks for the comment sweetie! xxx