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Sunday, 15 May 2016

how not to date; tinder

Tinder, the dating app which matches you with your future soulmates based entirely on looks. Simple eh. Most people who have used it call it a game, it's so easy to waste hours on it swiping to your hearts content. Most matches just sit in your list ignored and unloved but occasionally a conversation strikes up with a reasonably attractive man and off you go swapping numbers with the potential of a date on the horizon. 

Now I know tinder has a bad rep, used for meaningless hookups but I'm SURE some of the men out there want a little more. I'm not too sure what I want from it apart from potential. I want a dinner date buddy, someone to come to the cinema with me as too many of my friends are coupled up and settled into adult life (good for them though, green with envy over here). But choosing between the guy with the baby in his profile picture (is it his?, is it reaally his niece? & do I really want to get involved?) and the 'high flying accountant who lives in London' is surprisingly hard. Especially because they don't message you back, ever. And don't forget the detective research you gotta do: stalk their instagram, find them on facebook, stalk his ex girlfriends new boyfriends mum before you decide to swipe right and before you know it you've joined MI6 and written his family tree.  

I will be sharing some of my tinder stories with y'all in another post as although highly amusing with my lame life I feel the need to share. I'd love to hear other peoples tinder experiences good & bad and the amusing would definitely be appreciated. Give me all the goss. 


 1. Don't start off with "wanna shag". It's far from delightful, it's unwanted and you'll get blocked ASAP. Unless that's what you're after of course, no judging here. 

 2. Group photos. WHO ARE YOU? ARE YOU THE HOT ONE? nine times out of ten they're the short, balding uncomfortable looking one.

 3. Stereotypical travelling photo, usually with drugged up tigers or elephants and often with your ex girlfriend.

 4. No head shots- how am I meant to know what your face looks like? Am I going to be catfished? 

 5. Again, headless shots of your 'smokin' hot bod'. *round of applause* You've got a six pack or at least a half hearted one and that last picture of you is pretty much soft porn, look away now & swipe left before it's too late.

 6. Gym pictures, see number 5. SO IMPRESSIVE. 

 7. Anchorman quotes; 'work hard, play harder', 'I love the gym', or even a good old 'why does my height matter'. BECAUSE I'M TALL AND I DON'T WANT TO TURN UP AND MEET YOU AND BE THREE INCHES TALLER THAN YOU. IT DOESN'T WORK FOR ME. No, just no. 

 8. Ignoring me, or better still saying hi and then ignoring me. Don't waste my time. Yeah even those few minutes.

 9. Car pictures, wow, that's a super like from me. Even cat/dog pictures, yes you've just made me swipe right but that's unfair. Tricked me. 


 please give me all your pet hates in regards to tinder, guys. & for my own personal interest -has anyone actually been successful with tinder? do tell, give us lonely bunch your top tips.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Top 5 Lipsticks

so er, is it obvious that this should of been a valentines post? I liked the photos so I thought I'd post them anyway! These are a couple of my favourite red/pink lipsticks although I've just realized I should of included Nars Audacious in Fanny which is the best colour ever. A dark pink you could say. Such a shame you can't see my swatches eh?

my favourite lipstick ever is mac's ruby woo, I can't rave enough about it! I'd be devastated if they were ever to discontinue it, it's that if I could only ever wear one colour again it would be ruby woo kinda thing. I'm gonna stop gushing now we can move on to Nars Yu. Incredibly similar to Nars Schiap but a little darker and more of a blue tone. Smooth satin finish and glides on like a dream with serious staying power. Being a satin finish it's a bit nicer for your lips if like me you're wearing it for 10+ hours a time. 

Now Barry M's Genie is a funny one, bit of a gimmick but if you like long lasting lipstick that you don't have to worry about when you're eating your ever so tricky to look ladylike whilst eating your chicken salad sandwich and is that lettuce hanging out of my mouth lipstick for you. It stains your lips, so FYI if you want natural lips the next day- you've been warned. It reacts with the PH levels in your lips so some days I find it's a really vibrant pink and others it's just a pinky tint. Cheap, cheerful and a bit of fun.  

Nars Charlotte, another favourite. Nars' range of Audacious lipsticks are so worth that extra money. Creamy, deeply pigmented and long lasting. They have such a range of colours, Charlotte being a rich deep red with a slightly vampy tone to it. Great for autumn! Raquel is next on my list. 

Clinque's Cherry Pop isn't something I would expect to like, it's definitely a satin finish, silky to apply and a rich red colour. It came free with a Glamour magazine a couple of months ago and when I want that more 'sophisticated' finish it ticks all the boxes. I'm not a Clinique fan at all but this is something I'd absolutely repurchase. According to the details it's got a inbuilt primer, perfect for a long day where you don't want dry lips as it's moisturizing as well. Good for those with dry skin or just after something a little sweeter for your lips!

What are your favourite lipsticks? I couldn't live without Mac's Ruby Woo as sad as it sounds! 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

blue suede shoes

what on earth is my hair doing in this

Ahhhh these boots! I'd been dreaming about them for a good part of a week or two and when they were still in River Island, still the last pair in my size I knew I had to snap them up! At £30 in the sale instead of £65 it was obvious really. I feel like Sienna Miller (babe.) in these babiessss. I wore them out for lunch for my Nana's birthday which was a nice excuse to dress up a little. Albeit the rest of outfit just shouts ninja. The furry bag is an oldie from ASOS and matches my boots nicely. I really want a Mongolian fur bag but I haven't found the one yet. The jumper is Zara and cost a measly £19.99 and has nice slim arms which I like a lot. The jeans or the more appropriate word for them- 'jeggings' are ASOS Rivington's. I was a huge Ridley fan but they changed them some time last year and they are just not the same. I've got some Topshop Joni's and to be honest they are identical to the Rivington's but more expensive. Fit like a dream it's just a shame they're a little on the thin side. I miss the front pockets and belt loops but the fit is so good and stretchy I can't complain too much, plus they're £22.00. Get them in your ASOS basket ladies!

Monday, 1 February 2016

new in

I've been after some new make up brushes for a while now, I originally wanted some from Zoeva Brushes from Beauty Bay but I didn't really need the whole set. That said, I've still got my eye on that gorgeous rose gold set! Heart eyes all over. I've got plenty of Real Technique's brushes and some are going strong four years on. Four years is a miracle considering the sets don't cost the earth. Now the Morphe brush sets from Cult Beauty won't break the bank and they're almost all synthetic. This set itself is 100% synthetic but I believe you can buy a sable set too. I like the synthetic brushes as they are easy to clean too. This set is the 6 piece deluxe contour brush set that costs only £20.75. The quality seems just great and the bristles are super soft. As you can see in this picture I'd only used the rounded buffer brush which blends in my foundation perfectly. Although bigger than my favourite RT expert face brush it still blends effortlessly. 
Caroline Hiron's raves about this tonic and as someone who suffers with acne scaring I was keen to give this a go. I haven't yet used it as after buying it my skin has got SO sensitive and isn't tolerating anything so I'm eagerly waiting. And Pixi don't test on animals which is a bonus, I'm tempted to try out some of the make up- my sister would be a fan of the cruelty free brand!

Who hasn't heard of this cult product?! Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade is now firmly in my make up bag. I haven't yet mastered the fade and I'm not sure I ever will especially as I've got black eyebrows and this is the dark brown shade and I don't wanna look like an idiot. Also I have not got the skills. I have only used this as an eyebrow gel to lightly fill in and enhance the shape of my eyebrows and the colour difference works fine. Black heavy eyebrows are not a good look. This gel is long lasting, I have to scrub it off at night! 10/10 for me.  

I'm already a big fan of these Morphe brushes and the eyeshadow ones are excellent for blending! I originally placed my first cult beauty order late one night and then after the confirmation email came through I got a £10 off voucher! Little bit annoyed I emailed Cult Beauty and the absolute babes over there canceled my first order and re issued the code! That is great customer service! Also if you spent over £50 you got free delivery and it worked with my code as well! I wasn't going to buy the Pixi Glow Tonic but when it worked out as a couple of pounds extra I jumped at the chance. The delivery was within a couple of days which was brilliant too. I wouldn't hesitate to use this site again and again!*

*These views are all my own and this post isn't sponsored - I'm just so impressed with the service and choice of products!

Friday, 15 January 2016


wishlist 1

this bag! where do I start? I absolutely adore this bag and the colour just does it for me- isn't it gorgeous? 

the back of this bra is awesome and I'd want to show it off under a cami or a dress maybe? It's also padded so for us less fortunate gals it gives us that added confidence. 

ah the kenzo tiger necklace, the watches are pretty cool and I love how low key the necklace is but it's still pretty damn cool

I've seen this over and over again and yet I still want it and I still haven't bought it. Dreamy colour and super comfy. Grey jeans, boots and catflicked eyes would do it for me. 

wishlist 2

sometimes a red lip is too much so that's when a soft colour like this comes to play. Nars are my go-to for lipsticks. Creamy, waxey texture that lasts even with the fries you accidentally bought from mcdonalds. 

this over a pair of skinnies with those clarks silver loafers I bought? yes please. I like the boxy look it's got going on. 

 another coveted pair of loafers, you can't have enough

oh kate spade, I have no words to describe how much I like you. That deep berry colour too, it's perfect.

I'm thinking a diy candle like this? I've already got the gold marker pens I just need a black candle in a glass!